Black Rose

She was the smallest bud , among those twisted dark branches , and she grew with anxiety .When winter came , she bloomed in distress and bled the remainder of her emotions into her fragile petals. Each in different shades of red ,in different shades of love. She then poured out her soul and fashioned it into sweet honey and the aroma blew in  the air like incense , She kept working hard to please her lover who was now pale and when they placed her into his lifeless hands and she at last got to feel him , her evoked passion was so  overwhelming that her petals  burned untill they were translucent . The sky above turned grey and the winds now began howling , almost mourning , she intransigently denied the wind to carry her adrift like a feather . Holding on to him ,She tried listening to music of his heart beat , but those melodies now echoed in a distant land , far and almost forgotten , when  the shadow came  and she knew that they were closing the coffin , she grieved to her broken heart’s content and promised that she would gracefully pass  him on to the part of heaven where desires are meet.



A faint whisper of symphony echoed in the distance with a tint of melancholy and a touch of spring and I wait for the delicate melody to touch my heart but it withered and turned into dust as it drew close to me. Dust that parched my throat and I wept adding a drop to the existing ocean , while my voice drowned in that ocean like the others.  Then love decided to let go of my hand and so I turned to the glittering stars and waited , there was no shooting star that night so I wished upon the sky and realized how burdened the stars were , and right then. where I stood under the canopy of darkness ,without any prior warning they rained  upon me . Those sharp edged diamonds cut through me and Wisps of my fantasies bleed out of my body Like bright rainbows , until I was bare and empty. They tried to fly but without my command they fell to the ground like wingless birds and turned into ashes. My body was now a broken vessel with it’s cracks spreading fast it was difficult to hold it together without the touch of something pure , My soul perished like a blown out candle. My memories wandered wandered off like half hearted ghosts, with no trace of me ever existing there.



The Dark Secret

The only Haven she knew was shrouded in darkness ,with the sky above her dusted in a few billion beautiful specks , and the wind running a chill down her spine. The moon a glassy orb which turns opaque, and  then when the wind chime sang . She made her way uphill before the other shadows touched her. This land had no heir but yet she felt the power seeping through the walls making her giddy with lust and she let out a morbid shrill laugher and waited.  This is a Dark fairy tale and there was no turning back . She let herself hallucinate in dark valleys , but the lament of the lost song brought her back . Her fangs gently slipped out of her red lips and she glided to entice her victim , he fell into her arms instantly .His eyes pleading with tears of blood and she gave him his last gift and held him in her arms till she could not feel his warmth . Then she kissed his pale cheeks and flew into the inky clouds .


The Elephant

When the Mahouts came and pulled the seven year old calf from the shadows, the calf shivered with  anxiety from parting from his mother , because now his muscles were now  flexible and he must make himself useful. He rumbled painfully at the claws of the chains that dug into his feet and warily focused at his new reality ,because otherwise he would be whipped for lack of obedience. After  years of mindlessly following instructions , when he still found himself Chained to the ground , the ground that was no longer breathing with life , told to pull down logs of trees,that was once home,once freedom. The call of the wild echoing amids the Chaos . Vengeance powered those great iron pillars for legs. Traumatised, he flung aside a puny man “A rogue” they cheered “He is no longer tame , the testosterone has poisoned his mind” and they silence him with a needle . “We need to honor him ,otherwise it’s murder” they discussed among  themselves ,and a few months later , they stood in the museum ,a beautifully carved sculpture of Lord Krishna ,white , radiant and perfectly tilted with his flute, embroidered with intricate designs was what was left of the Tucker’s  magnificence and  proof that he  had finally left his mark. wp-1485434056849.jpeg


Colours of Life

Be Art, Be Artist.

She stared at her wooden pallet and realized that she could create magic with her hand ,with her mind, but she held herself and contemplated at the fact that she could only paint something that already existed ,and this proved to be a disability because she wanted to paint emotions with ease , with the grace of  a flying bird. Can you find a single word to describe an entire situation , can you find one single color to paint emotion. Can you find a hue to describe silence. Can you find one hue to describe despair. Why did those beautiful portraits of the sunset ,the sunrise , the misty mountains , the quite lake have to hide stories of what the painter felt behind every stroke and every shade. Why was she judged to depict colors that already existed. Why wasn’t she judged on what she could paint with her mind. Why did she have to hold herself back , to express the colours of her life , her story. It was taboo they told her , to speak or express something the Society forbid and the harsh reality to with everyone bent their head ,and  she had to quench their satisfaction and stand in the shadows of her mind , and not talk about her colors.

Be Artist , Be You.


Free Fall

When she looked into the well and realized that the stars were brighter in the depths and that she could hear them echo their songs, she gasped considering that maybe be she was trapped in a well and was Looking through the other side of the world, While contemplating if it was heaven or earth she plunges into the shallow depth , until the last thing shewp-1482737364527.jpeg could hear was the was gentle humming of the winds channeling skywards.



What do you call stereotypes ?


How is horror generally portrayed ? In movies , or books . let me do the honor of relating an instance. What do you call real horror ? We’ll see and I’ll tell you .


The story begins.


An  old rural site ,the town quite deserted .Spare foliage, old oak trees ,and probably looks like a witch’s statue and most importantly a really old and large mansion,which hasn’t been inhabited for quite some time .Well keep guessing it’s quite corny. A small humble family moves in ,surprised that they were able to afford it. Well that would be least of their problem. The family usually consists of two devoted couple and their three beautiful children .Quite delighted they move into their HOME in full swing. Then the middle child quite adventurous wants to unravel the secret chambers in the large house to discover treasure and have a real adventure. He goes to the basement ,finds it quite unkept for rather ages . As he enters cobwebs entangle him and is attacked by giant spiders , GIANT SPIDERS ? .This doesn’t blow down his confidence to keep exploring the mouldy ,smelly ,rather smelly and it doesn’t rouse him to back away. He continues walking, every time he breathes ,he could feel dust flying off around him. He pushes away a stack of rotting news papers with his feet and is not quite ready to accept what he is seeing , he rubes his eyes ,with his filthy hands ,because before him lay a rotting corpse of a human , maggots still chewing on its eyes balls . He still lay there shocked realizing why the basement had been stinking like hell’s pitch . To make matters worst as he kept his eyes glued to the corpse ,the head of the dead human turns and smiles through its half eaten lips. Well what else could he do ,he turns to run and slips ,falls , hits his hand on the edge of the table next to him , but never the less he keeps his aim on getting out of the frighting basement. 

One’s safe and sound in the living room ,he spots his mom on the couch reading a the times magazine after an exhausted morning and asks her to go along with him because he wanted her to see something. The mother at once notices his shocked perspired face and follows her son .When they reach the dusty basement , his mother becomes agitated and asks what is she supposed to see ? The little boy is much more petrified and asks his mother to believe him that a few moments ago he saw a zombie right where they stood. She just gets irritated and retires to her bedroom, and in the following days , the little boy notices that his little sister has been talking to the walls and locks herself in the dark store room for hours only with a candle light and a chalk in her hand.

All goes well for the first three months , and the usual symptoms follow .The creaking of the stairs gets louder , the electric bulbs keep getting fused . In the middle of the night all the taps in the house start running. You suddenly smell rotting carcasses ,but can’t find anything dead . The whole family becomes aware of the uncanny events happening at home .One fine night when the family is at a restaurant having dinner with the Father’s friends , one of them says that the house the family had lived in was built in was built on a cemetery ,where many murders had also occurred .At this is family is stunned ,but the oldest son just laughs and asks the person to just cut the jock. When the family then returns after a long night, they all flop in their beds exhausted. Then in the middle of the night ,again the tap starts running in the bathroom of the oldest son . He wakes up grumbles for having been woken up from a dream where he was kissing his girlfriend ,nevertheless he gets up and goes and closes the tap ,then when he wants to walk out of the bathroom ,the door bangs on his face ,petrified he stumbles back and is shocked, because on the wooden door he finds a message writing just for him. Saying

I’ll suck Emma right through your dreams.

At this he screams and the day breaks , the light streams on his tear stained face and he passes out , when he wakes up he’s surrounded by his family and a priest from the other town , because this town doesn’t have a church. He gets off the couch to see why everyone seems shocked , the priest keeps going around the house chanting ,confused he asks his mother what’s going on ,she informs him that the house has been infested with Demons and they could not leave the house or flee ,because they were marked by the demons. At once the younger son screams as he finds his younger sister missing , the family split up to look for her , and after a long search they find her talking to the door of the basement near the stairs. Everyone asks her who she was talking to all she says is that they are her friends and that they want her to let them out ,and they had asked her permission and she said yes. The whole family stands around her in silence . The priest howls a cry and explains That demons often asked children’s permission to take possession of their body. When the priest turns around and fumbles for the Holy water and the Holy Bible ,while the child amidst the concerned family members turns around looks around and smiles ,and her soft innocent eyes turns red and she talk’s in a horse voice “I’m Hungry”


Do you know about the real demons ?

Those you create and nurture inside you .Those demons ,which allow to take control of you , your whole being ,It’s time you found them , it’s time that you realize before it’s too late.

It’s time you notice how many you have given birth to.